Is The Universe Conspiring For You Or Against You?

Do you believe the Universe is conspiring for you or against you? Is God on your side?  Or isn’t He?  Feel free to substitute according to your beliefs, but which is it for you…

Is the Universe conspiring for you or against you?

What is your belief?  This is a belief that has the potential to really change things for you!  So, let’s look at three concepts that go along with this universal belief.

First, Consistency!  If you really believe that the Universe is conspiring for you, do you apply that belief in your life with consistency? Or are you a ‘fair weather believer’? You know the kinds I mean, the sun is shining, it’s a beautiful day, you’re driving with your top down, cruising with some good tunes and the love of your life, and man, is the Universe conspiring for you!  God is most certainly on your side!  Until…you glance in your rearview mirror, and see the red flashing lights making a bee-line for you, and all of a sudden that belief has changed!

In the video below, I explain how believing this consistently changes things.

If you really believe the Universe is conspiring for you, how can you apply that with consistency to you life?

Second, Coincidence!   If you really believe that the Universe is conspiring for you, what about coincidence?  I think this belief takes the idea of coincidence off the table.  It removes the idea of accidents and things happening by some stroke of bad luck or good luck for that matter too.  If you subscribe to the belief that the Universe is happening for you, part of that is understanding that the things that happen in your life are there for a purpose.  

They don’t happen by accident, but they happen on purpose to help you, to challenge you, to grow you, to move and guide and direct you.  There are no coincidences.  I recently saw a clip from the movie, “Hidden Figures”, where the three black women are on their way to work at NASA and their car breaks down.  They are worried about being late and losing their jobs, and trying desperately to fix the car, when a white policeman comes on the scene.

Now you have to remember that this was a time in our country’s history when black and white had separate bathrooms and separate water fountains.  So, these women were nervous, but in the end, this white police officer offers them a police escort to NASA, which they enjoy immensely…hooting and hollering all the way!  It wasn’t a coincidence that their car broke down.  The things in your life happen for a reason…the question is are you aware enough to see them as such?

Third, Change!  If you really believe that the Universe is conspiring for you, how does that change things for you?  What do you make of situations where things don’t happen exactly as you had hoped or expected they would? How does that change how you feel?

If I don’t believe the Universe is conspiring for me, for my good, it’s more of a “life is happening to me” kind of mentality.  I ask and say things like,  “How can that be?”, “Why does this stuff always happen to me?”, “Why does he always do that to me?  It’s almost like we become a victim to our own lives and feel powerless in those situations.

On the flip side, if we truly and consistently hold firm to the belief that “Yes, the Universe is conspiring for me, for my good”, our mentality shifts to one of life is happening FOR me.  The things in my life right now are there for a purpose, to help me, challenge, me, grow me, help me evolve into the person I was created to be.

The kinds of questions I ask are, “What is the opportunity here?”  And yeah, I feel disappointed that I didn’t get the promotion, after all I was the most qualified, but what’s the opportunity here?

Yes, I am really distraught about work right now, but what is seeking to emerge through me?  Is this my sign to look elsewhere?  Is this a hint that I need an attitude adjustment and need to show up differently?  What’s the opportunity here?  What is seeking to emerge?  

If I really believed that even in the middle of this messy break-up that the Universe was conspiring for me, how would that change how I feel?

So, your turn…what is your belief?  Is God on your side or isn’t He?  Does the Universe conspire for you or against you?  Do you apply this belief with consistency in your life?

And lastly, when you look at those situations and circumstances in your own life, where things are NOT happening exactly as you hoped, planned, and expected, I want to invite you to ask yourself…

What’s the opportunity here?” “What’s seeking to emerge through me?”