Do You Make Your Move Before You’re Ready?

In his great little book, “You Squared”, Price Pritchett talks about some important concepts, among them this…Do you make your move before you are ready?

It’s in taking BOLD action that we move toward our dream.  Putting our dream on paper is important, and a great first step, but the transformation happens in the action….that’s where we get to flex our muscles and grow into the person that we need to become.  Bob Proctor wasn’t always Bob Proctor.  Jack Canfield wasn’t always Jack Canfield of Chicken Soup For The Soul, but as they stepped into action, they began to flex those muscles to grow into the people they needed to, to become who they are today.

Don’t get bogged down in getting prepared!

The first point that Pritchett presents is “Don’t get bogged down in getting prepared!” Many times we get into this place of analysis paralysis, and we want everything lined up and prepared before we make our first move. People have high RPM’s, their engines are racing and raring to go, but they never put the car in drive.They’re just revving their engines, but not getting any closer to their goals.  Pritchett calls us out, and says this is just a stalling technique.  It is a technique that is has it’s roots in anxiety and fear.  So don’t get bogged down with getting ready. “The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step!”  And even a mountain as high as Mt. Everest can be climbed with baby steps, but you have to be willing to move out of preparation and into action.

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Whatever you need will come to you as you go.

Secondly, Pritchett says, “Whatever you need will come to you as you go.”  In other words, do you best to get prepared, but there is a sense of letting go and trusting that whatever you need will be provided.

It made me chuckle to think back to playing soccer in college.  Most of my teammates, myself included, packed our bags carefully the night before a road trip.  We didn’t want to be caught without our cleats, jerseys, shin guards, or music!  One of my teammates, we’ll call her Katelyn, rarely packed ahead.

To make matters worse, she frequently overslept and nearly missed the bus.  At 6:30 in the morning, we would drive our big charter bus right up to her dorm, and our coach would instruct me to go get her.  Katelyn would answer the door practically sound asleep, and I would do my best to hurry her and help her pack.  I remember approaching the bus and Katelyn still having her toothbrush draped out of the corner of her mouth.  

This resulted in borrowing items from everyone else.  She would forget her cleats or her jersey or her shin guards. But what struck me the most was she would then go out and play the game of her life!  It didn’t seem to matter what she forgot, it would inevitably be provided for her, and it never broke her stride.  She trusted that it would all be there and work out and it did!

First, take action and then frame the strategy.

Lastly, Pritchett reminds us to first take action and then frame the strategy.  Many times, we get immobilized by attempting to get all of our ducks in a row, but Pritchett encourages us to first take action.

As you take action toward your dreams, you step into this discovery phase, which provides you with information about what your next step is.  But, this only becomes clear to us by taking action.  I think what this really boils down to for many of us is trusting.  Trusting ourselves, trusting God or the Universe to provide what we need.  Without this important step, we can only get so close to our goals and dreams, but I  believe attaining them really requires that we trust the process by taking the action, knowing that everything will be provided for us as we go.