The Gift Of That Sweet Spot

So, I just got back from my first bike (as in bicycle) ride of the year. It was a short ride with four big hills, did I say big? I mean MONSTROUS HILLS!

But I love to ride because it gives me a completely different view of the very things I drive by every single day. I'm able to take in the beautiful scenery and cash in on the details I miss at 60 or so miles per hour. ­čÖé

I also love to ride because I love going down the big hills, doing that cool little aerodynamic tuck that bikers do, and making the most out of all that momentum.

But the only reason I get to enjoy that momentum is because I was willing to put the work, effort and struggle into the climb.

The momentum comes after the climb. It's that sweet spot where you've done the work, and get to sit back a little and enjoy the ride.

And I think it's like that with life too....when we first start something new or try something different, it takes work. It's an uphill climb. It takes effort, a conscious decision, and awareness every think differently, practice better self-talk, or develop the habit of going to the gym.

But here's the gift, if we discipline ourselves to, let's say, go to the gym for 15 or so days in a row, ALL OF A SUDDEN, it's less of a struggle to get there and even the work-outs begin to seem easier.

We've done the work...endured. And now, we get the gift of momentum.

Momentum doesn't come though when we haven't made a definite decision. It doesn't come when we go to the gym for two days and blow it off for three, and go for one day, and then, skip the next two. Every day feels hard and the work-outs are worse than cleaning the bathroom.

It's almost like we have to re-make the decision daily. It feels challenging and the temptation to throw in the towel is great.

But when you make a definite decision to go after your goal or something you really want, it's hard work in the beginning. For awhile, you'll be required to make a decision every day for what you want.

But then...Then one day, the gift of momentum arrives. You've done the work, formed a new habit and you get to enjoy the downhill!

So I want to encourage you to take a peak at things in your own life. Have you made a definite decision to have what you say you want (the new body, car, relationship, business) and have you done the work necessary to experience the gift of momentum?

What action can you do today to produce momentum in your life?

Here's to living BOLDLY,


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